TeampassConnect is a web browser extension permitting to link the browser to a Teampass database.

By this, from the browser it is possible to interact with the Items in Teampass and use them to automatically populate login forms on websites.



TeampassConnect relies on the usage of one screen presenting 4 buttons.


SEARCH permits to perform a search inside the Teampass database

GRAB permits to collect credentials from a login form on the active webpage the user is browsing

SETTINGS permits to define the settings you want to use

ABOUT gives you some information about this extension

Main Features

TeampassConnect provides next functions:

  • Connect the browser with user's Teampass account
  • Search among Teampass items and open them inside Browser pages
  • Fill in websites login form with credentials from Teampass database
  • Edit credentials and save them inside Teampass database
  • Add new item from the Browser inside Teampass database
  • Delete item from the Browser inside Teampass database


TeampassConnect requires next conditions:

  • Minimum Teampass version:
  • Minimum Teampass API version: 2.1.0 (check in file /api/functions.php)
  • Firefox minimum version: 57
  • Valid user license (trial license can be obtained)
  • API feature to be enabled in Teampass