__Valid since 2.1.27 release

Upgrade Teampass to a new release

It is recommended to install the latest Teampass release.

Upgrade protocol

The next described protocol is a recommended one.

  • Start by creating a dump of your database
  • Rename the current Teampass folder (example: Teampass_old)
  • Download lastest package on your server,
  • Unzip package into Teampass folder (could be another name),
  • Copy from Teampass_old to Teampass folder:
    • the file /includes/config/settings.php
    • the file /includes/config/tp.config.php
    • the file /includes\libraries\csrfp\libs\csrfp.config.php
    • the folders backups, files and upload
  • Enter url http://your_domain/teampass/install/upgrade.php
  • Now follow the upgrade pages

Step 1

It's an introduction page with some recommendations.

Get logged using an Administrator account.

Step 2

Some server checks are performed based upon the path. Please check that the path is correct before starting.

Step 3

This page loads the database credentials from the file /includes/config/settings.php. If you have performed changes, you need to edit this file priori to continue this step.

If a previous upgrade didn't stored the saltky inside the database, a fieldset will appears asking you to enter it inside a specific password field.

You need to write the saltkey that is inside the sk.php file.

Step 4

This step permits the database update.

Step 5

This step updates configuration files


Once the previous steps are done, Teampass is now upgraded.