Manage the Folders

A Folder is a container for Items. All Folders are organized in a hierarchical tree like you have in a computer. Each folder can be associated to specific access rights for Users and/or Groups.

It is essential to organize the Folders in a clever way to permit an easy way to organize the access rights for your Users and Groups.

Access to Folders Management page

Access to the Folders Management page.


Create a new Folder

Click the icon Add a Folder


And fill in the form


About the expected fields:

  • Field 1 is the label of the folder. It will be displayed to the users.
  • Field 2 is the location of the new Folder in the existing Tree. Notice that the 1st one need to be created at Root level.
  • Field 3 is the minimum level of complexity of the passwords created in this new Folder. Notice that the a new Item will not be created if its password does not fulfil this complexity level.
  • Field 4 is the renewal period of the passwords inside this new Folder.
  • Field 5 permits to force new Items added in this folder to respect the expected Complexity or not.
  • Field 6 permits to force changed Items in this folder to respect the expected Complexity or not.

The new Folder created is now in the list.


Edit a Folder

You can at any moment edit a folder. Click the folder you want to edit and the editing dialog box will be shown.



Delete a Folder

Deleting a Folder is done by selecting the Folder(s) and clicking the Delete icon.


If you confirm the deletion, then all Items inside this Folder will also be deleted.

Note that deleted Folders are not really deleted but sent to `recycled bin`.