Automatic password change on remote server

This feature permits you to change the password of a remote server (only Linux) using an SSH connection. It is enabled through the Settings page.


It works as described below.

  • Based upon field url starting with prefix ssh://, the script knows what server to connect to.
  • Based upon fields login and password, the script knows what credentials to use to update the remote server.

Steps to proceed with

In order to activate the change of password directly on the related server, you need to follow next steps:

  • Display the details of the Item in Teampass
  • Select option Update server's password


  • A new dialog box will be displayed
  • You can select either One-time change or scheduled change
  • Enter the credentials to permit the Teampass script to get authorized through SSH
  • Launch the change



What will happen?

Teampass will perform the following:

  • Get connected to the remote server through SSH
  • Generate a new automatic complex password (if you decided to go on with automatic mode)
  • Launch a Linux command to change the password of the user
  • Close SSH connection
  • Store the new password in database (if you decided to go on with automatic mode)