Setup Teampass

Once Teampass is installed on your server, you need to go through some steps in order to setup Teampass and permit users to take advantage of this tool.


Teampass has to be installed on a server, and you require the admin account.

Create Folders

The first step is to create Folders in which the Items will be added. Those folders have to be organized in a logical way that fits your needs.

Refer to page Manage Folders.

Create Groups

The second step consists in two activities:

  • create Groups in which your Users will be added
  • set the access rights of Groups versus Folders

Refer to page Manage Groups.

Create Users

The third step consists in creating Users that will use Teampass.

You need to think about a global strategy relating the Folders, Groups and Users level.

Refer to page Manage Users.

Allow users to get connected

Finally you need to allow the users to get connected to Teampass.

For this you need to remove the maintenance mode.

Logged as an Administrator, select the Settings page, and move the maintenance button on No.

Administrator account

Remember that an Administrator has no access to Items.

In order to test your set-up, it is recommended to create a dummy account user which you will use to test your Teampass configuration.

If for any reason, you want an Administrator to have access to Items and becoming a normal user, then you need to do the next change.

  • Open file include.php in folder /includes/config/
  • Change sentence $k['admin_full_right'] = true; to $k['admin_full_right'] = false;

Nevertheless, it is not a recommended way to do because the Administrator is in this case able to access any Items because he/she has access to all Rights configuration.